Thanks for letting me know you have an interest in the membership program and learning more about animal training. As promised, here is a link to download one of my  most requested resources.

Whenever I consult at a facility, people are often super excited and motivated after we go through our first lecture. But there is that little voice of concern about how will they possibly accomplish the training goals they have with their animals and still manage all the other responsibilities they have?

And of course it is a valid concern.  To help address this and keep the enthusiasm for training strong, here are some strategies I put together that have worked well for many of my clients. Click the link below to download the pdf.

Time Management for Animal Training

I hope you find this little taste helpful. I have loads more resources coming for you in the membership program. Those who join the Force Free Family membership program first will be getting an exceptional discount. You will get an email as we are closer to launch.

All the best!