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Bird Training


March 24-27, 2020 Zoo Consulting in Ireland – Postponed

Bird Training

September 24, 2020 Southwest Veterinary Symposium Fort Worth, TX, USA Barbara will be presenting at this event. She has three lectures. Her topics are as follows:

Training Animals to Cooperate in Medical Care. It Can Be Easier Than You Think!

Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Stress for Untrained Animals when Providing Health Care

Veterinarians Training to Improve Welfare and Release Success of Orangutans in Borneo

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September 29- October 3, 2020 European Association of Zoos and Aquarium Conference Zoo Leipzig, Germany Barbara will be participating in this event. We will be offering an animal training workshop and are planning another informative session. Stay tuned for more info!

October 8-9, 2020 Near Gothenburg, Sweden Training Domestic Animals- Practical Application Workshop

The emphasis of the practical application workshop is practicing training technology with live animals. Participants will have the opportunity under the guidance of instructors Barbara Heidenreich and Angelica Asberg to train behaviors with the resident animals at “name” farm.  Animals available to train include, but are not limited to horses, cows, chickens, and sheep. Each training session or demonstration will have a specific goal or task to practice. Many behaviors goals are chosen because they will help you practice a specific skill, are beneficial to the species, correlate to a behavior need in the exotic community, and/or present an excellent training challenge for the participant. Emphasis is placed on understanding animal natural history, reading animal body language, sensitivity to animal body language, training mechanics as well as application of scientific principles. In between training sessions mini lectures will focus on the importance of training domestic animals, specific aspects of practical application, problem solving, and your individual goals and questions. You will have fun in this user friendly, supportive, customized to meet your needs and intimate workshop. Space is limited to ensure one on one attention! Contact Angelica Asberg at for more information.

October 10, 2020 Gothenburg, Sweden. Improving Animal Welfare through Science Based Training Techniques

Caregivers of all types of animals (zoo, pets, native wildlife, domestic livestock, etc.) are discovering the overwhelming benefits of training with positive reinforcement to teach animals to cooperate in their own medical care and day to day care. In zoo settings, this results in gorillas who eagerly present a hip for an injection, rhinos who stand calmly for blood draws and zebra herds recalling off a savannah to the sound of a whistle. The techniques used to train these behaviors are based in science; and for the animals, result in desired consequences. This approach creates animals who eagerly anticipate opportunities to participate. The same techniques can be used to train any animals in our lives, including teaching your cat to swallow pills, your shy rabbit to trust, or your backyard chicken to discriminate colors. Discover how training is helping improve animal welfare around the world and how it can help you and the animals in your life.

This day long course will focus on how to train a behavior from start to finish. You will see numerous video examples from around the world demonstrating how training can benefit animal welfare for problem solving, medical care, day to care, wildlife conservation and more. We will also explore common challenges such as overcoming fear responses to touch or a syringe. You will learn how to measure a behavior to know if it is fluent, including to the point of generalizing the behavior in different locations and for different people. You will also get guidance on how to set up and organize your own training program for your facility. Training technology can help you achieve so many goals for the animals in your care. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced animal training professional be prepared for a great day of learning! Contact Angelica Asberg at for more information.

Bird Training

November 30-December 3, 2020 Zoological Association of America Conference Fort Worth, Texas