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Bird Training


September 17, 2019 ANIMAL TRAINING WORKSHOP – VALENCIA, SPAIN: Will you be attending the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums conference in Valencia, Spain? Join us on September 17, 2019 at host facility Bioparc Valencia for a day of Animal Training. Course includes lecture, animal training demonstrations and guided hands on opportunities to practice training. This workshop is in conjunction with the annual EAZA conference. You will be back in time for the conference icebreaker that evening. Space is limited to ensure one on one attention. Get more information at HERE

September 17-21, 2019 European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference, Valencia, Spain. Barbara will be participating and presenting at this conference. Visit for more information

September 24-26, 2019 Zoo Consulting Poland

September 28, 2019 Bird Training Workshop: Parrot Training and Addressing Behavior Problems Warsaw, Poland.

Course Description: Training with positive reinforcement is a skill caregivers can learn to use to create and modify parrot behavior. Paired with careful observation of bird body language it can be a powerful tool in shaping a well behaved, interactive and engaging parrots. The mechanics of training with positive reinforcement will be explored via lecture, video, and parrot training demonstrations. We will also explore the drawbacks of using methods based in aversives that have been traditionally used to create behaviors, as well as learn how to apply the more trust building alternatives. This workshop will also dive deep into solutions for common parrot behavior problems such as vocalizing for attention, aggressive behavior and problems associated with reproductive hormone amplification. With video examples of parrots voluntarily participating in intramuscular injections and blood draws without restraint, participants will be inspired by the power of force free animal training.

Visit this link or Contact for more information.

September 29, 2019  Exotic Animal Training Workshop: Exotic Solutions to Exotic Animal Behavior Problems Warsaw, Poland.

Course Description: Behavior problems presented by exotic animals can include extreme fear responses, aggressive behavior, non-compliance, and aberrant behavior such as spitting, banging on doors, and stereotypies. Addressing undesired behaviors are generally accomplished using the same principles regardless of the species. However, in real life application, consulting in the world of exotic animals requires taking many additional factors into consideration.  This can include the ethology of the species, if the working conditions include free or protected contact, enclosure design, changeable team members and training skills, and much more.  Getting success at times is straightforward and at other times takes ingenuity. This presentation will look at some of the unique challenges presented by working with exotic animals and how to address undesired behavior under these conditions. This workshop features extensive video clips and live training demonstrations to illustrate simple solutions as well as creative ones to exotic animal behavior challenges.

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Bird Training


Barbara Heidenreich and Copenhagen Zoo are pleased to present a workshop designed for trainers ready for a thought-provoking exploration into advancing the animal training industry. In this workshop you learn about innovative concepts in animal training, where they came from and how these ideas are impacting training today. You will explore ways how you can contribute your own unique voice and experiences to bring new ideas to the world of animal training. You will discover how to be a critical thinker when evaluating gurus, video clips, resources, TV shows, etc. We will investigate the problem of being stuck in a routine and failing to evolve our skills. We will also explore how advanced trainers view basic concepts that once seemed so straight forward, as incredibly complex. And how to objectively observe to collect information to help make thoughtful training decisions and understand why some habits are worth leaving behind. Join us as we dive deeper and think more progressively about practical application concepts such as the bridging stimulus, keep going signals, recalls vs emergency recalls, how we create duration and more. Hosts Copenhagen Zoo will provide exciting live demos of ground-breaking training. 750,000 DKK (100 Euros). Contact Annette Pedersen at to register Download the flyer here

October 13-26, 2019 Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Borneo, Indonesia

Bird Training

November 6-18, 2019 Zoo Consulting Southern, California, USA


February 21-24, 2020 The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference Hurst, TX, USA More information here

February 25-26, 2020 Frank Buck Zoo Gainesville, TX, USA

Bird Training

March 29- April 2, 2020 The Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference BeekseBergen, The Netherlands. More information here.

Bird Training

September 24, 2020 Southwest Veterinary Symposium Fort Worth, TX, USA Barbara will be presenting at this event

September 29- October 3, 2020 European Association of Zoos and Aquarium Conference Zoo Leipzig, Germany

Bird Training

October 30-November 1, 2020 Academic Animals East Yorkshire, UK. Barbara is presenting at this event. More info coming soon at

November 14-17, 2020 Zoological Association of America Conference Fort Worth, Texas