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Bird Training


March 18-22, 2019 Zoo Consulting Ireland

March 24-29, 2019  Zoo Consulting United Arab Emirates

Bird Training

April 7-12 , 2019 The Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference Portland, OR.  Barbara is presenting on Training Animals for Euthanasia on Wednesday April 10 at 2:10 PM. The abstract for this presentation is below. She will also be a member of the training panel on the morning of Friday the 12th.  Visit for more information.

Training for Euthanasia

Many behaviors we train result in improved animal welfare throughout the life of the animal. However, training for end of life is a conversation that is relatively new. Euthanasia is often emotionally challenging for animal caregivers.  Even more difficult is to watch an animal experience stress in its final moments after a lifetime of training to otherwise cooperate. This can be addressed by including training for euthanasia in the behavioral repertoire. Even if an animal is trained for injections, there are many details to consider to facilitate voluntary cooperation and high standards in welfare once the decision to euthanize has been made. These details include methods of euthanasia, choosing and preparing the location, reactions to sedatives, addressing declining condition and more. Knowing what to expect, trainers can adapt shaping plans to minimize or eliminate stress. This presentation will discuss what trainers need to know to enable quality of life, even when passing.

Bird Training

August 17, 2019 Bird Training Workshop Poland. More information coming soon

August 18, 2019  Exotic Animal Training Workshop Poland. More information coming soon

Bird Training

September 17-21, 2019 European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference, Valencia, Spain. Barbara will be participating and presenting at this conference. Visit for more information

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